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Reliable Headstone And Monument Designs Company In Salida, CA


Reliable Headstone And Monument Designs Company In Salida, CA

When someone you love passes away, it's hard to cope with the loss without thinking about all the funeral details. One of the most important is finding a reliable and emphatic company to get the best custom monument for your beloved. At Forever In Stone, you won't have to worry about a thing.

At our stone engraving company, we're a trustworthy company located in Salida, CA. For many years we've been providing grieving families with beautiful and unique custom monuments that capture the essence of their loved ones.

With our talented team of designers and skilled craftsmen, we can create a one-of-a-kind custom monument that will be a commemoration and tribute to your loved one for many years.


How Do We work?

First, you'll proceed with a consultation with one of our design experts. We'll discuss your ideas, budget, and available design options, such as the size and style. Also, we'll need to have the cemetery information, such as their allowances, to ensure your request meets all the requirements.

You can also send us pictures of your design ideas via message and email. Once we understand what you're looking for, we'll create a design sample and provide you with initial quotes. We'll make as many re-designs as you need.

Once you've approved the design, we'll send you a proof to ensure that all inscriptions, dates, and names are correct. After you've signed off on the proof, we'll begin production on your custom monument. In most cases, we can have your custom monument installed within 2 months. For special orders, it may take 4-6 months.

Our Customized Options

At Forever In Stone, we offer a variety of headstone options, including:
  • Flat markers
  • Bronze markers
  • Upright markers
  • Slant markers
Also, you'll find it all in a wide range of colors, such as blue pearl, Bahama blue, India red, medium grey, black and more. So you can rest assured that we'll make it happen whatever size, shape, type, and color you want.

Forever In Stone Will Be There Every Step

There are many reasons families choose Forever in Stone. We fully understand the difficult situation that grieving people have to go through. We know how overwhelming it can be to prepare all the details of the funeral, and that's why we make it as it as simple as possible for you.

If you're looking for an emphatic stone engraving company to design and install a custom monument for your loved one, look no further than Forever In Stone in Salida, CA. We'll work with you every step to ensure you get exactly what you want. We'll provide you with a free quote and all types of custom monument options.


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